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About Us

Safe Shield® was founded to help businesses protect their assets and position them for continuous growth and success. Most business owners don’t have the time, desire, or internal resources to monitor and maintain Corporate Compliance requirements. Statistics show that more than 85 percent of all U.S. businesses fail to meet the most basic compliance standards, putting their organizational good standing as well as their corporate and personal assets at risk.

We have made maintaining Corporate Compliance easy – and affordable.

Serving Businesses and Nonprofits

Safe Shield Consulting

Founded by Kent Gustafson in 2007, Safe Shield® launched a complete compliance solution for businesses and nonprofits to help ensure that they meet ongoing compliance requirements. We go beyond completing the necessary paperwork and filings by providing a convenient online portal where clients can easily access and manage their important documents. We continue to dedicate time and resources to make certain that our technology meets our clients’ growing needs.

Over the years, Safe Shield® has grown to also assist clients with entity formation services. We know that the first step to maintaining compliance is to ensure that the entity is properly formed in the first place. Today, we work with clients of all sizes, and from all industries. We also work in partnership with other professional advisors to provide our services to their clients.