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Trust Safe Shield Consulting to help you identify and resolve the growing challenges in today’s ever-changing business environment.

“Integrity, Experience, Results”

At Safe Shield Consulting we honor our commitments with Integrity.
We value relationships and leverage our knowledge and Experience.
to deliver custom solutions designed to ensure exceptional Results.

Our Core Service Offerings include the following:

Compliance: Did you know that more than 90% of all US-based small businesses fail to meet basic compliance standards and government regulations? This form of non-compliance is all too common and unnecessarily exposes the business owner’s personal assets to frivolous lawsuits and judgments. Safe Shield Consulting’s Premium Compliance Management Service addresses these issues head on so that your company meets compliance requirements, ensuring that you and your business are fully protected against hidden threats! Learn more here.

Entity Formation: The proper formation of your business entity is a critical first step for any business owner. It’s a common misconception that setting up a business is as simple as choosing a name and filling out a form on a government website, but this thought process is absolutely false. Forming a Corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a necessity for organizing your business and providing you with personal liability protection, but it’s imperative that this process is handled properly. Safe Shield Consulting has more than 10 years of experience setting up Corporations and LLCs the right way. Trust our proven process to ensure that your business is set up correctly so that it will protect you when you need it the most. Learn more here.

Entity Structure: While it’s a common practice for entrepreneurs to be involved in multiple business ventures (resulting in several individual business entities), these companies are often created without considering all relevant liability issues, tax consequences, and future transition planning. Have you ever wondered if your ownership structure has enough layers of separation between your business and personal assets, or if your businesses are organized in such a way that will allow you to transfer ownership to your children or business partner seamlessly? Does your current structure afford you with every possible tax advantage? At Safe Shield Consulting, we believe a strategic approach is essential when multiple entities are involved. Rely on our vast experience to help you fully protect your business, maximize your tax advantages, and position yourself for a smooth transition from your business when the time is right. Contact us today for an initial consultation.

Employee Management: Due to ever-changing employment laws and regulations, managing employees can be extremely challenging without the right systems in place. Fortunately, you can depend on Safe Shield Consulting to oversee this process on your behalf, and minimize your burden. When you need guidance with assessing and hiring employees; employee evaluations and training, disciplinary procedures; or employee forms and handbooks, we are here to help. Contact us now to schedule your initial consultation.

Mediation & Dispute Resolution: One aspect of business that we all wish to avoid is conflict, but the sad reality is all businesses will face it eventually. Whether dealing with disgruntled employees; an irate customer; or a business partnership turned bad, Safe Shield Consulting has walked a mile in your shoes. We’ve guided our clients through the most difficult employee situations and negotiated resolutions to business partnerships that seemed destined for expensive legal battles. With integrity and professionalism, we serve the best interests of our clients with a pragmatic and cost-effective approach. Click here to schedule a consultation

Operations & Process Improvement: Growing revenue while managing expenses is crucial to the success of any business, and as an owner few things are more important to you than the overall profitability of your company. But maximizing your bottom line is much more than generating more sales or cutting costs. It’s about developing, or improving, your internal processes in order to maximize operational efficiency. A vast majority of companies leak cash out of their businesses on a regular basis, because they lack organization and/or effective operational processes. Safe Shield Consulting uses a hands-on approach while incorporating strategic best practices into your business, which allows you to maximize your profitability! Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Strategic Transition Planning: Have you ever heard the saying “failure to plan is the same as planning to fail”? Unfortunately, this is a familiar theme for many business owners who find themselves consumed with the operation and growth of their business leaving them little time to plan and prepare for the future. At Safe Shield Consulting, we put our experience to work for you in identifying and implementing the best possible transition plan for you and your future. If you’re struggling with this process and wondering what the future might hold for your business, contact us now to schedule your initial consultation.

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Safe Shield Consulting does not provide legal services or legal advice.