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Ongoing Compliance

Many people go through the Entity Formation process and think that their work in this area is done, oftentimes ignoring required Ongoing Compliance and adherence to Corporate Formalities. Failure to preserve Corporate Formalities and meet Ongoing Compliance standards threatens the integrity of your Corporate Veil, which ultimately leaves your personal assets exposed and at risk. It is just that simple!

Safe Shield® offers complete compliance solutions that are designed to keep you
compliant, protected and in good standing with ever-changing state and federal regulations.

Premium Compliance Management
Annual Fee (per entity)

If you have questions or need more information, check out our Helpful Information.

Here’s a Look at What We Do
  • Perform an initial Record Book assessment
  • Initiate and conduct an Annual Compliance Review
  • Complete comprehensive review documents (approved by you)
  • Monitor government filings to keep your organization in good standing
  • Provide a Status & Alert system to remind you of important action items and dates
  • Establish and manage secure electronic Record Book with full internet access for you as well as access for additional users or advisors (designated by you)
  • Advise and assist in implementing key compliance best practices and also offer full compliance phone and e-mail support (unlimited communications per year)

Annual Fee (per entity)