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Kent Gustafson Presents


How To Build A Wildly Profitable
Young Living Business In 2020

Learn The 3 Critical Mistakes

Made By 95% Of Network Builders

AND How To Avoid Them

Most Business Experts Teach That Success Requires You To:

  • Work Harder
  • Invest In Marketing
  • Build Your Network
  • Leverage Social Media
  • Master Time Management

BUT following these steps will not result in the success you desire. The truth is, the smartest and hardest working people fail unless they know the 3 critical mistakes made by 95% of all small business owners.

In this free training, you’ll discover the missteps most entrepreneurs make in 3 core areas of their business, how to avoid them, AND remove the obstacles preventing you from having the highly profitable business you’ve been dreaming of.

Hi, I’m Kent Gustafson

Webinar Date & Time:

Monday 13th Jan 7:00 PM

​About the Host:

Over the past 13 years, I've guided over 2,000 people in starting their business on the right foot, built on a rock solid foundation, and positioned for growth and success.

100's of clients have leveraged my proven accelerated business growth system to rapidly grow their business and achieve maximum profitability... FAST!

I have a passion for small business and find enormous satisfaction in seeing them succeed. Safe Shield is built on: Integrity, Experience, and Results.

This free training

Will Show You How To...

Avoid The 3 CRITICAL Mistakes That Keep 95% Of Network Builders From Achieving Success.

 - Work Smarter, NOT Harder

 - Eliminate Your Stress

 - Make A LOT More Money... FAST!

Effectively Manage Your Business, Rapidly Grow Your Income, And NEVER Worry About Money Again.

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