Starting A New Business For The 1st Time?

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Don’t just form a LLC, launch a business instead. Invest in your success by working with a trusted partner who has the experience and proven process to guide you in every aspect of starting a successful business the right way.

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Kent Gustafson

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Proven Business Model

Understanding the different elements of starting-up your business, and the specific requirements that will make your business unique, is essential to building a rock solid foundation. We take the time to outline all of the steps needed to launch your business successfully and ensure you understand the step-by-step process, then establish a formation checklist, prioritized and tailored to your exact needs.

Business Formation

  • Acquiring Tax ID Numbers
  • Submitting The Required Government Filings
  • Drafting All Of The Necessary Foundational Documents
  • Establishing A Complete Record Book (As Required By Law)
  • Provide You With Our “5 Steps To Maintaining Entity Compliance” Guide

Initial Consultation

Never miss a thing except the pile of paperwork.

Simple fact, businesses DO fail. In most cases, the failure of a business is due to under-capitalization or because they neglected to implement the necessary financial strategies that ensure success.

We know it’s in your best interest to focus on practices that will put you on solid financial ground and result in the success of your business.

Our Financial Compass includes:

  • Start-Up Business Financial Management Guide
  • Assistance In Obtaining A Merchant Services Account
  • Direction With Finding The Right Accounting Software
  • Guidance Choosing The Right Tax Structure, Allowing You To Save Taxes
  • Advice On Choosing The Right Bank And Properly Opening A Bank Account

Strategic Business Plan:

When traveling, the most effective way to guarantee you arrive at your destination is to follow an accurate map. Our Business Startup Success Program includes a clearly defined Strategic Plan that you will identify the obstacles to achieving success, and the solutions to overcoming those obstacles and reaching profitability FAST!

Rock Solid Contract:

In order to protect yourself, your business, and the clients you will serve, it is imperative that you have a Rock Solid Services Agreement. Our proven Services Agreement, which is used by clients all over the country in managing hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate properties, is exactly what you NEED to clearly outline your responsibilities in managing your client’s properties, as well as those things which are NOT your responsibilities, and ensure that the expectations between you and your client are unmistakable.

Insurance Analysis:

Owning a business comes with certain risks… that’s just part of the deal. However, those risks can be mitigated. Forming your business properly and maintaining it going forward are key components in minimizing your risk, but insurance is another important element in protecting the business you are building. We’ll use our expertise to assist you in determining what type of insurance your business will require and guide you to the right insurance partner for your business.


Hiring and managing employees can be a scary undertaking for many business owners. Whether it’s guidance in determining when to hire that next (or first) employee, navigating through the complex hiring stages, or filling out the proper paperwork… there is a lot to be considered. But our extensive experience with employee hiring and management can alleviate your anxiety and help simplify this process, giving you clarity and direction.

Expert Guidance:

Our proven Business Startup Success Program includes Step-By-Step guidance from an EXPERT who has Been There and Done That! More than 2,200 entrepreneurs who were serious about launching a successful business have leveraged our time-tested system to build profitable businesses FAST! Our process has worked for them and it will work for you too!

Specifically Designed For Entrepreneurs

We leverage a strategic and proven process that has helped more than 2,100 entrepreneurs all over the United States.