My core strength is market research and consumer behavior – a far cry from business and tax structures that protect personal assets and allows for business growth. I was referred to Safe Shield Consulting and was happily surprised to receive more than just compliance and organizational support; Kent asked all the right questions and was thoughtful in his guidance in setting up the business. Now I have a solid foundation and the benefit of his years of expertise on everything from strategic planning to pathways to success. The best part is that I spend my energy using my strengths to help other companies while knowing that Safe Shield Consulting is working in the background to support the organizational integrity of my business.

- Noel

As a successful entrepreneur and multiple business owner, I cannot adequately express my gratitude and deep respect for Kent Gustafson, founder and CEO of Safe Shield Consulting. Respect for his knowledge of the business world, and respect for his character and ethics. Several months ago, as I began to create a new LLC, I was referred to Kent by a mutual friend. During our initial meeting, I was struck by Kent’s ability to ask the right questions, and ascertain what I needed and how to get there.
Currently, Kent has far exceeded what he promised to deliver in the creation of my LLC, and continues to support my partner and I with no regard for his own gain. In conclusion, I recommend Kent Gustafson and Safe Shield Consulting with no reservations. Regardless if you are a new business owner or a seasoned veteran of the business world, you will be missing an important and possibly vital step in your journey. The tag line of Safe Shield Consulting is ‘The Business Architects’. That is what Kent has done for me: create the perfect framework for me to succeed in my most recent business. Let him do the same for you.

- James

Over the last year, my husband and I have been actively working on starting a new business. Having never had experience in this process, we agreed from the beginning that we would bring professionals along side of us to help ensure each step is executed accurately, timely and professionally. Kent Gustafson, with Safe Shield Consulting, was our first call and honestly the best call we could have made for many reasons; including but not limited to his wealth of knowledge, his professionalism and probably the most important to us, he is incredibly personable. Kent has been caring, passionate, and fun. He without a doubt cares about our business, but more importantly we learned he cares about us and our family just as much if not more. We never felt like another “client”, we always felt like we formed a relationship with a business partner who is there for us. Kent is thorough, organized, well educated in the needs of a new business, connected with many resources and always on top of what the next steps are. As new business owners, we have been able to focus our time and energy on things we were passionate about knowing with full confidence that Kent was behind us covering the areas we had no clue on. In addition, Kent recommended us to other great resources that have helped us get our accounting set-up, insurance and many important business aspects. When starting a new business, there are many emotions experienced from anxiousness, to fear, to excitement and without a doubt, Kent was there by our side every step of the way. He was our calming force when needed, he reassured us when questions arose and the best part, he was our cheerleader every day. He supports business owners in the tasks, the details, but the most important way he supported us, was just being there as mentor who truly cares about us as people! We highly recommend Kent Gustafson from Safe Shield Consulting for any business owner, whether new or existing. You won’t regret it for one second.

- Jay & Tina

Safe Shield took the stress & unknown out of the business formation process. Kent handled the paperwork for my professional LLC and advised me in key areas of new business start-up - allowing me to focus on taking care of my patients & getting my business off to a successful start.
- Fred
My husband and I recently purchased two fitness franchises and knew that it was in our best interest to safeguard them, as well as ourselves, by establishing legal entities for the businesses. We found ourselves overwhelmed and confused by the process, especially since we had been given a great deal of inconsistent advice on the matter. Thankfully, Kent Gustafson was recommended to us by a trusted source. When we initially contacted Kent, we expected it may take a while to talk to an expert, but he got back to us immediately. He allowed us to describe our situation and carefully listened to all of our questions and concerns. He took the time to patiently explain the differences between various business structures, including the pros and cons from business and legal standpoints and even provided examples from his personal experience. As we moved forward with the process, Kent made it as easy as possible to navigate the next steps. Kent and his team were a “one-stop shop” and the turnaround time was lightning quick! For one affordable fee, he obtained our Tax ID Numbers, filed our Articles of Incorporation, and Certificates of Organization, prepared our Operating Agreement, created the necessary banking documents to establish new business accounts, as well as all of our other formation paperwork. They went above and beyond by taking the time to provide contacts for local newspapers in our respective county and walked us through the process of publishing our DBA’s, as required by law. After the process was completed, we received an organized packet in the mail with the aforementioned documents as well as online access to our completed LLC Record Book. Now we can focus on other aspects of our businesses with the peace of mind that they are protected. It is a great relief to know that Kent and his team are just a phone call away if any questions, concerns, or consultation needs arise. We anticipate maintaining a long-term relationship with Kent Gustafson and consider him part of our business team. We would highly recommend his services to other potential and current business owners!
- Jenna & Aaron
I would like to convey to anyone who is seeking advice on how to start up a business to consult with Kent Gustafson at Safe Shield Consulting. Upon discussing a business idea with an associate, he referred me to Kent with a strong recommendation that if I started the business, I should let Kent take care of the business formation for me. I can wholeheartedly make that recommendation to others (and have) as well. The first test I like to observe is whether or not a partner or consultant takes the time to listen to my particular set of circumstances and asks probing questions prior to making a recommendation. Kent passed this test with flying colors. That is why I can make a wholesale recommendation to anyone to seek out Kent and his expertise when in need of any of the consultation services he provides.
- Richard
Kent was an absolute lifesaver when it came to starting my own personal training business. As someone with very little experience in the world of business, Kent has been extremely helpful in answering all of my questions about starting my own small business. From helping me set up my LLC, giving me thoughtful and timely responses, and even giving me recommendations on how to best proceed with developing my business, Kent made the process of starting my own business clear and uncomplicated.
- Andrew
I was extremely pleased with how my new business formation happened with ease and timeliness. Kent gathered information and asked me more questions to make sure the right set up was completed in a manner that would serve me best. I thought about trying to do it myself, but ended up being in shock at how many documents and paperwork were actually needed besides just the filing forms. I know now I would have for sure fallen way short on my own. The money I spent was well worth the peace of mind I received in having my business legit and legal from the start. Kent also recognized that we needed to make some changes from the original structure we had discussed in order for me to be approved as a woman-owned-business, which I am, and his team took care of all of the changes and revisions that were necessary. I will definitely use them again for my future business ventures. Oh, and did I mention that my complete LLC Record Book is organized online! YEP, they did that too so when I went to the bank and forgot my papers I was able to pull everything up online to open my bank account.
- Connie
There are many decisions to be made when starting a new business. Protecting your assets may not be the most exciting one on the list, but this is not something that you want to discover the hard way. Kent’s guidance on the benefits of creating a legal entity separate from my personal finances and assets was so helpful in making the decision to establish an LLC. Now, my business does not only come across as more professional, but I can focus on providing great service to my customers while knowing that my personal assets are secure.
- Dawn
My new business was growing and it was time to incorporate. Doing so protects my personal assets and will save money come tax time. I was dragging my feet on making the change because it appeared that doing so would create an endless amount of paperwork, but Kent Gustafson took care of everything and the whole process was quite painless. I would recommend him to any business owner.
- Doug
Kent Gustafson assisted me with the recent formation of my corporation. I had several questions that arose while determining which entity would be best for my business. Kent gladly took the time to answer all of my questions and provide me with guidance through the entity establishment process. Knowing that my personal assets are secure from business exposures gives me great peace of mind. I would recommend any new or current business owner to contact Kent Gustafson.
- Tony
I’m glad Kent is in my corner because 'an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure'. I can’t help but think of these sayings when I think about Kent and his team. Having them as a part of my business gave my business instant scale and expertise we didn’t have. Their expertise for my business has allowed me to grow while getting immediate access to Kent and his know-how. A win-win solution! Please take the time to talk with Kent, you will NOT be disappointed.

- Susan

Kent Gustafson's system serves a very real need for me as a small business owner, takes one more thing off of my plate, and allows me to focus on the parts of my business that need the most attention. Kent has developed a great business, and business model. I admire that! Again, its one less thing to worry about on my part, and fantastic service from a vendor. That is a great deal for me as a business owner. Thank you, Kent!
- Bruce