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  • Receive A Comprehensive Strategic Plan Which Delivers A Detailed Road-Map And Lets You Build A 6-Figure Income... FAST!
  • Get A Thorough Marketing Evaluation From An Experienced Advisor Who Has A Proven Track Record Of Success And Will Help You Build Your Comprehensive Strategy.
  • Gain Access To Our Proven Marketing System Which Will Save You Countless Hours And A Lot Of Money By Providing You With The Tools To Define Your Brand, Increase Your Value, And Generate Quality Customers With Minimal Effort.
  • Receive Expert Training On How To Manage Your Business Efficiently AND Effectively, Allowing You To Spend More Time Focusing On Growth And Increased Profitability.
  • Enjoy Step-By-Step Guidance By A Professional Who Has Been Through This Process With Over 2,200 Business Owners, Allowing You To Proceed With The Confidence That Your Business Is Positioned For Growth And Success!
  • Plus Our Corporation/LLC Consultation & Set-Up Providing You With A Rock-Solid Foundation, Guaranteeing Your Business And Personal Assets Are Fully Protected From Frivolous Lawsuits And Granting You Peace Of Mind So You Can Rest Easy.
  • And Get Direction With Banking And Access To Alternative Funding Sources, Affording You The Ability To Expand Quickly And Ensure You Have The Necessary Financial Partner For Sustainable Growth.

Consultation, Implementation, Strategic Planning

Kent Gustafson
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Proven Business Model

Understanding the different elements of growing a successful business, and the unique challenges that you are facing, is essential to building a rock solid foundation for your business. We take the time to listen and understand your specific growing pains before outlining all of the steps needed to accelerate the growth of your business leveraging our time-tested process, which includes step-by-step guidance from an expert who has been there and done that. Using our proven program allows you to build your business quickly, affordably, and with the proper leadership that is critical to your success.

Business Formation

  • Initial Consultation
  • Strategic Business Plan
  • In-Depth Marketing Analysis
  • Implementation Of Sound Financial Practices
  • Leadership And Training On How To Properly Managing Your Business

Once we’ve helped you identify and understand the things that are holding you back AND determined the most effective path to increased profitability, we will provide you with the tools and resources to grow your business... FAST!

Initial Consultation:

Every business is different and should be treated as such. Before forming your business it’s important to fully understand the different LLC structures, tax options, and other key factors that are necessary for your business to be built on a rock-solid foundation. Our initial consultation addresses all your questions and guarantees the establishment of your business will put you in the best possible position for success.

Small Business Education 101:

Starting your first business is no joke and I trust you are taking this major step seriously. If you are then you should ask yourself a very important question: "How can I launch a successful business when I've never done it before?" The answer for most is simply, YOU CAN'T... However, when you access our proven system, you'll gain a quality education on how to start, grow, and manage a successful business from an expert who has been down this path with more than 2,200 successful businesses. You'll have peace of mind knowing that by Investing in your education up front, you'll SAVE countless hours, frustration, and money in the long run.

Strategic Business Plan:

When traveling, the most effective way to guarantee you arrive at your destination is to follow an accurate map. Our Business Success Program includes a clearly defined Strategic Plan that will identify the obstacles standing in the way of your success, and the solutions to overcoming those obstacles and reaching profitability FAST!

Financial Compass:

Simple fact, businesses DO fail. In most cases, the failure of a business is due to under-capitalization or because they neglected to implement the necessary financial strategies that ensure success. Through our vast experience, we know that the first step toward profitability is a firm financial foundation. We know it’s in your best interest to focus on practices that will put you on solid financial ground, allowing you to become highly profitable FAST, and result in the success of your business.

Expert Guidance:

Our proven Business Success Program includes Step-By-Step guidance from an EXPERT who has Been There and Done That! More than 2,200 entrepreneurs who were serious about launching a successful business have leveraged our time-tested system to build profitable businesses FAST! Our process has worked for them and it will work for you too!

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