Business Formation System

The foundation of your business is critical to its success, so it must be done right. Safe Shield’s Premium LLC Now Service is the only business formation system specifically designed for entrepreneurs looking to form an LLC the right way, with a ROCK solid foundation. Here’s how you know Safe Shield’s LLC Now Business Formation System is right for you:

  • Value – There are many things for you to worry about when forming a business, so we ensure that everything from government filings to tailor-made legal documents are done correctly.
  • Precision – We leverage a strategic and proven process that has produced more than 2,100 LLCs, formed perfectly with zero complications, all over the United States.
  • Perfection – You can be confident that our business formation system will set your business up correctly. And if there is an issue or mistake, we handle it at no cost to you.
  • Integrity – Not only have we produced over 2,100 LLCs, we have maintained solid relationships with their owners and have been doing so for more than 11 years.
  • Protection – We’ll be there from the start with the best first steps to organize your business. Additionally, we’ll identify potential issues and show you the best options to protect both you and your business.
  • Priority – We are eager to serve you and will start the business formation process within 3 business days. You’ll receive expedited service and enjoy a pain-free process!
  • Expertise – We know what you need, usually before you ask! We have over 11 years of experience working with LLCs, so we’ll make certain the process is stress-free for you while we focus on all of the complex details.
  • Dependability – With us, you can be confident that you’ve got an ally, working for you in a manner that serves your best interests while committed to excellence every step of the way.
  • Convenience – Our exclusive Business Start-Up Audit will save you many hours and countless dollars getting your new business off the ground AND you’ll have immediate access to your online Record Book, so all your documents will be available at the touch of a button from our secure online server.

Here’s what our Business Formation System provides:

Initial Consultation – Understanding your business needs and the specific function your LLC will serve is critical to forming it properly. Many service providers don’t take the time to familiarize themselves with the specific details that make your business situation unique, which could expose you to extreme risk in the future. Our comprehensive consultation will ensure that your LLC is structured correctly and provide you with the asset protection you need.

Articles of Organization – Many formation services use a one-size fits all approach when filing Articles of Organization. At Safe Shield Consulting, we prepare customized Articles of Organization and file them with your state agency, guaranteeing your LLC is organized properly with YOUR state.

Operating Agreement – The Operating Agreement is the rule book for your LLC, and it should be tailored accordingly. We’ll personalize your Operating Agreement to fit your needs, while also adhering to the specific statutes of your state, providing you with the full assurance that the rules governing your LLC are in the best interest of your business while also maintaining compliance with your state requirements.

Founder’s Agreement (Organizational Actions) – The Founder’s Agreement is an essential component of your LLC formation. We prepare this document confirming your establishment, and ownership of the LLC, guaranteeing that no one can challenge your LLC status or ownership.

Membership Ledger & Certificate(s) – An LLC Membership Ledger is similar to a Corporation’s Stock Ledger, and is a detailed record of the ownership of the LLC. Safe Shield Consulting will create a customized document which clearly defines your contributions in exchange for ownership of the LLC, and demonstrating an indisputable record of ownership.

Banking Resolution – Your LLC must have its own bank account in order to maintain personal and corporate separateness and guarantee that the liability protection of the LLC remains intact. Our custom Bank Resolution document will clearly establish your authority to open bank accounts and enter loans on behalf of the LLC, making the process simple for you when you go to your bank.

Federal Tax ID Number – Have you ever had to deal with the IRS? It’s not much fun and can frustrate even the most patient individuals. Unfortunately, working with the IRS to acquire a Federal Tax ID number for your LLC is a necessary part of the LLC formation process. We put our experience dealing with the IRS to work for you, ensuring your tax designation is set up correctly, while saving you from the hassle of dealing with the IRS.

Register Of Officers/Managers/Members – Every state requires LLCs to keep a Register of the Officers, Managers and Members within the LLC Record Book. State statutes require this information to be current and accurate at all times. Trust Safe Shield’s extensive experience to prepare this properly.

State Filing Fee – Every state chargers a fee when filing Articles of Organization (the average fee is $200). This package covers the fee for filing your Articles.

Financial Compass – Simple fact, businesses DO fail. In most cases, the failure of a business is due to under-capitalization or because they neglected to implement the necessary financial strategies that ensure success. At Safe Shield, we know it’s in your best interest to focus on practices which will result in the success of your business. Our Start-Up Business Financial Management Guide is the perfect tool to assist you in implementing these procedures immediately. Whether it’s guidance finding the right accountant or bookkeeper, setting up bank accounts properly, or choosing the right accounting software, our financial compass is critical to pointing you in the right direction and putting you on solid financial ground.

Insurance – Owning a business comes with certain risks… that’s just part of the deal. However, those risks can be mitigated. Forming your business properly and maintaining it going forward are key components in minimizing your risk, but insurance can be another important element in protecting the business you are building. We’ll use our expertise to assist you in determining if/when you need to add insurance for your business AND help guide you to the right insurance provider when you do.

Employees – Hiring and managing employees can be a scary undertaking for many business owners. Whether it’s guidance in determining when to hire that next (or first) employee, navigating through the complex hiring stages, or filling out the proper paperwork… there is a lot to be considered. But our extensive experience with employee hiring and management can alleviate your anxiety and help simplify this process, giving you clarity and direction.

Sales & Marketing – Many business owners launch a business based on their area of expertise or trade, but often without a strategic plan to market the business. Having a great product to bring to market or being really good at what you do is awesome, but if people don’t know about you, your product, or your service, how will you make any money? Whether social media, pay-per-click advertising, or more traditional forms of marketing are the best avenue for promoting your company, we can guide you toward the option(s) that will be the most effective for your business.

5 Steps To Maintaining Your LLC Guide – Forming a business the right way is just the first step in protecting yourself. Maintaining your business properly going forward is critical to keeping your liability protection in place. Included in this package is our 5 Steps To Maintaining Your LLC Guide, which will provide you with expert advice for years to come!

Assistance With Annual Report Filing Requirements – Every state requires businesses to file an Annual Report. The information included in these reports, as well as the filing timeline, varies from state to state. This process ensures that your Annual Report is filed correctly, and on time, guaranteeing that your business remains in good standing with your respective state agency. Because we have over a decade of experience serving businesses all over the country, we can ensure that your business is protected with unparalleled precision. Included in this package is the initial-year’s service, which will be essential to your business from its foundation to its future!

Monitoring of Statutes & Regulatory Changes – Every state has their own set of statutes that govern Corporations and LLCs. Keeping up with statutory revisions and regulatory changes can be an overwhelming responsibility for the typical business owner. Our monitoring process is time-tested and proven so you can let us worry about the details while you focus on growing your business. The first year of this service is included with the LLC Now Business Formation System!

Compliance Support (Phone & Email) – Even the most savvy business owners have questions from time-to-time, and this is usually magnified for those starting their first business. Whether it’s assistance understanding your Operating Agreement, what to do with an “official” looking notice from the government, what needs to be documented and when, or how to handle unique situations that may arise, access to our seasoned experts will provide you with much needed peace of mind. Your first 12 months of service are included in this package.

Record Book Management – Every business is required to keep a detailed Corporate or LLC Record Book, and it must include all organizational documents as well as ongoing annual reports, meeting minutes and other board resolutions. Our proprietary online Record Book management system will keep your business organized properly and allow you convenient access to all of your records from almost anywhere. The first 12 months of this service are included and you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your documents are always available and can never be lost.

Annual Review & Documentation – Annual reviews and documentation are a key factor in demonstrating personal and corporate separateness, guaranteeing that the liability protection your Corporation or LLC provides to you remains intact. Our annual review and documentation service provides you with the necessary guidance to make certain that your business activities are documented properly.  What this package provides you with is the founding documents of your business and year-long support to ensure the proper documentation of your business.

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